Liquids in EU carry-on baggage

Liquids in EU carry-on baggage

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Tomorrow, Monday, November 6, the regulations of the European Union (EU) on aircraft safety come into force, with new safety regulations affecting hand luggage and the transport of liquids.

This regulation affects all flights departing -including transits- from EU airports. In addition to the EU, the countries of Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are added.

Liquids in hand luggage on European Union (EU) flights and other regulations:

  1. Containers greater than 100 milliliters / unit cannot be carried. They must be carried in a transparent plastic bag with an opening and closing system and with a capacity not exceeding one liter. All of this applies to creams, gels, toothpastes, lotions, beverages, syrups, perfumes, and the like. Travelers must show the aforementioned plastic bag at EU airport security controls.
  2. Medicines and baby food. One of the exceptions for the transport of liquids in hand luggage are medicines and liquids due to special diets or children's meals (to be consumed during the flight), subject to presentation and inspection at the boarding control.
  3. Purchases in boarding areas. The products purchased in the stores located in the existing area, once the airport security controls have been passed, may be carried as hand luggage, including liquids. If you are going to transit at another EU airport, purchases made in the aforementioned stores of liquids, creams or similar products must go in a sealed bag with the proof of purchase and that must be kept sealed until the final destination.
  4. Transportation of electronic devices. Laptops and other large electronic devices must be removed from hand luggage before going through security for separate inspection.
  5. Warm clothing. Warm clothes and jackets must pass through the X-ray machines at the airport security controls (without being able to be worn).
  6. Future limitation of hand luggage. The carry-on baggage size limitation that will take effect on April 17, 2007 introduces an additional limitation on the size and measurements of carry-on baggage. As of the aforementioned date, each traveler may only take a 56x45x25 cm package for boarding. Only some special busts may be excepted: musical instruments, fragile packages or materials of considerable value.

AENA information telephone: Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) has launched an information telephone number for passengers: 902 404 704.

Information related to liquids in hand luggage on EU flights:

  • Liquids allowed in luggage (extension of changes that this regulation implies in the United Kingdom)

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