Kabuki Restaurant

Kabuki Restaurant

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The Kabuki restaurant is in the north of the city, minimalist and with Japanese decoration, it is

today the most widely supported reference of Japanese cuisine in Madrid. As was the case with Ars Vivendi, the person in charge is a Spaniard, Ricardo Sanz de Castro, with Japanese influences from Tokio Taro, but with Spanish sensibilities and tendencies towards creations and textures (he also went through the Nodo Restaurant).

Ricardot treats fish in a masterly and original way, applying new techniques. Little by little it has been gaining followers for its marinated monkfish liver, the daughter of tuna or the prawns with corn flakes. They are different dishes that culminate with exotic proposals such as Butterfish with truffle pate, mushroom oil and chives or with herring caviar and yellow turnip.His cuisine is a crossroads where olive oil is integrated with the Japanese wisdom inherited from MasaoKikuchi (today in Marbella).

Sanz also treats meats in an original and very promising way. In the meat tasting there are from Spanish meats such as Iberian pig from Huelva, ox from the valley of Esla de León, young deer and meats as exotic as the bison from Canada, Waygu ox from New Zealand, Colber duck, Challand canet, etc.

A varied and acceptable wine selection. The service is correct. Prices tend upward, although public success is undoubted.

Google Maps address and phone
Av.Presidente Carmona, 2. (28020 Madrid). Tel: 914 176 415


Ricardo Sanz de Castro

Menu / Recommended dishes

Unagi maki -eel wrapped in cucumber-. Maguro teriyaki -tuna in teriyaki sauce-. Kobe beef sashimi -Gyutataki Kobe-. Sashimi fused with red mullet or grouper with Cadiz marinade. Lumps of fried tempura flour. Sardine sushi; Horse mackerel sushi with vinegar; Oyster sushi; Sushi made with red shrimp from Garrucha or white shrimp from Isla Cristina, tempura made from sea nettles and peppers from Guernica. Tiramisu with green tea ice cream. Tasting menu. Kabuki menu. MenuBento -only at noon-.

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Closed Saturday noon, Sunday, holidays, Easter and three weeks in August.

Casa Alfonso Restaurant Rating in the gastronomy guides
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-7.502 Suns

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