A new body dryer could replace towels

A new body dryer could replace towels

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Soon, bath towels could end up on a pile of old cassette tapes and fax machines, being replaced by more modern and shiny technology.

The new technology, known as The Body Dryer, is part of an Indiegogo campaign and is garnering a lot of attention on the crowdsourcing site. Like the hand dryers in public bathrooms, the new body dryer, which looks like a standard bathroom scale, dries the water on our body every time we step out of the shower or pool.

But why should we give up the towel? According to Body Dryer founder Tyler Overk, the reason is germs.

"There is a problem of bacteria growth on the hot, wet surface of a towel if it is not dried properly," Overk told Mashable. "If we dry ourselves with it again, the bacteria will pass into our body."

This could lead to health problems such as yeast infections, ringworm, athlete's foot, skin rashes, or even serious infections in people with weakened immune systems.

To enjoy a clean drying experience, we just have to stand on the device, which can also weigh us (if we want). Our body will then receive a blow of air. About 30 seconds later, we will be completely dry, without using a towel.

The device (61 x 61 cm) can be plugged into any standard outlet. You can also adjust the temperature (hot or cold), something that will probably be very useful when the seasons change.

Since launching the crowdsourcing campaign last month, the product has far exceeded its funding goal of $ 50,000 and has already raised more than $ 275,000. The company has sold units on virtually every continent and has received more than 300 applications for distribution rights.

The campaign on Indiegogo ends on May 15. Early backers could get the device (now out of stock) for $ 125, but later, when it officially hits the market later this year, it will sell for $ 250.

Undoubtedly, the price may be a bit high for the pocket of some users, but it does not reach that of other household appliances such as vacuum cleaners or kitchen robots that are already successful in many homes.


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