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Christmas in times of crisis

Christmas in times of crisis

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Tips for organizing Christmas celebrations when there is an economic crisis.

Ways to make the holidays cheaper, with some practical advice.

Be realistic and sincere

It is very important to be honest and not trying to alleviate the lack of resources by borrowing money and incurring more debts or favors. One in which they ask for cheap or free things (a voucher for a bike ride with my parents, some chalk to draw on the street ...) and another for when the crisis is over. This year everyone should know that it is necessary to postpone requests for expensive gifts until the family budget has recovered.

Set a budget

Get your finances in order as much as possible before planning your Christmas activities. Set a small budget that we can afford for gifts and supplies; and not exceed it under any circumstances. This year it is more important to make lists than others and very very important to stick to the limits set.

Find alternatives to gifts

Opt for cheap Christmas gifts or make homemade gifts, make some meaningful gifts for friends and family. Make the Christmas cards by hand with the children. Include photos of the family with the card. Paint or draw a picture and frame it. Prepare batches of cookies and homemade bread and wrap them in colored cellophane paper tied with a bow. Find things we already have on hand before buying new materials

Offer our services to friends and loved ones instead of a gift. Offer to babysit, mow the lawn, or help with accounting. We can make a coupon book full of free services that the gift recipient can use later.


Buy small toys for younger children at a typical storemulti-price. Buy just enough so they have something fun to open up on Christmas morning.

Christmas meals

Get a basket and fill it with apples, oranges, pears, and nuts. Look at the bargains at the nearest supermarket for bargains on products before you buy them. Opt for seasonal products that will be cheaper. Another idea would be to buy seed packages for people who have a terrace or garden so that they can plant vegetables or fruits themselves and enjoy them in a few weeks or months. They are cheap and with a little imagination can be presented in a funny way.

Think about buying necessities instead of luxuries for Christmas. Clothes, kitchen utensils, a duvet cover ... Things that have been postponed due to lack of resources.

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