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HELP EYES !!! What I do?
One of the great concerns of men and women is dark circles and bags under the eyes. You are going to shelve the subject with these simple tricks, which you can do at home.

What are dark circles?

The eye bags are an accumulation of melanin under the eyes, which is accompanied by

inflammation and sagging. Dark circles are usually blue-gray in color.

Why the eye bags are produced?

There are several factors that cause dark circles: insomnia, sleep, stress, even poor diet and circulatory problems. They can also have their origin in a genetic factor, which is transferred from generation to generation.

Circulatory system

The presence of dilated blood vessels and capillaries under the eyes is one of the main causes, especially in people with thin and white skin.

Why do they appear when sleeping little or sunbathing?

Dark circles appear when you sleep little, because the periorbicular muscles do not rest and need extra blood supply and dilate the vessels.

The Sun works by drying out and destroying the collagen and elastin proteins of the skin, making it thin and making it easier to see through it.

There are dark circles, which appear occasionally for a period of time and then disappear, caused by pregnancy, allergies and menstruation.

How to remove dark circles?

To eliminate dark circles, more and more are resorted to oriental and millennial therapies, to try to solve this and other health problems.

This technique is called facial reflex therapy and achieves a total relaxation of the face. It consists of activating 500 points of the face with other parts of the body.

How to solve the problem of dark circles at home?

For home there masks for the eye contour, which will have to be applied every night without rinsing. Too easy. I recommend the mask by Germain de Capuccini. Its price is: 53’15€

To lighten dark circles, there is eye contour, containingMother of Pearl by Germain de Capucciniand helps to reduce and conceal dark circles in a very natural way. Price: 51€

Peggy brand there are some rolones, that refresh the look. It can be put on at any time of the day, even if you are wearing makeup. Your price: between € 17 and € 25.

Another option are collagen patches, which smooth the bag and dark circles. We recommend those ofGermain de Capuccini. Price: from € 45 to € 60

To lighten dark circles well, It is necessary to do a treatment well done in the cabin, with acids and equipment. Check with your esthetician.

Home remedies to eliminate dark circles

  • Potato Compress. Preparation: grate a potato and an apple, mix these ingredients with a chamomile. Apply this porridge under the eyes. Wait 15 minutes, rinse with plenty of water.
  • Cucumber. Preparation: cut the Cucumber into slices. One is placed in each eye for 30 minutes.
  • Pennyroyal bags: boil 2 bags of Pennyroyal, store in the fridge. When they are cold, one is placed in each eye for 20 minutes.

How to make up dark circles?

What a mess! I don't know which concealer to choose: beige… white… pearly…

The beig are very good and are very useful. They will correct brown circles, sallow, blemishes on poorly maintained skin.

The darker the dark circles, the darker the concealer should be. This is very important. Sometimes too light concealers are used for very dark circles and this ends in a gray under eye circle. The best thing is that you advise and try it before buying.

There are correctors that cover more, which are for night and other correctors, which are for day are more treating. Pure Perfection Concealer ofGermain de Capuccini. Its price is:16’75€

Beware of concealers especially from the age of 35. There are many, which are a very dense paste, that cover your dark circles, but destroy your eye contour. It is a putty, for the eye, that does not let you breathe and nowadays the correctors of certain firms are treating and lighter. Called illuminators. Forget about the masks, the more natural the better. In addition, when they are very dense, the wrinkles are marked as soon as you put on makeup. We recommend the Touch of Light ofGermain de Capuccini, It comes with an illuminating brush. Its price: 19’35€

Are highlighters the same as concealers?

Noel Concealer corrects different skin tones. He Illuminator serves to highlight beautiful areas and give light. They are two essential products for women.

What is the biggest mistake we make when applying concealer?

The biggest mistake we can make is the choice of color. Choosing 1 or 2 shades lighter, that our skin is a mistake.

How to apply the concealer?

You don't have to apply a lot of quantity all over the orbicular area. It is applied with a smudging brush and then with the fingertips, so that it spreads and fits well on the skin. The light with which you wear makeup is very important! If it is daytime, go out to the terrace, to put on your makeup with natural light, so you will see the color and effect better. If it is at night, you will have to trust your eyesight, but you often see ladies who look like raccoons, for putting on the wrong correctors.

A little trick is to mix your Concealer with Eye Contour, `for the morning. It will be more natural for you.

Amparo Martinez
Marán Beauty Salon

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