Jennifer López's horoscope: enterprising and versatile

Jennifer López's horoscope: enterprising and versatile

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Date of birth ofJennifer Lopez: 07/24/1969 in Bronx, New York, USA
Zodiac sign of Jennifer LopezLeoTaurus Ascendant

Jennifer Lopez, whose full name is Jennifer Lyn López Rodríguez, is an internationally successful singer, dancer, actress, music producer, and American businesswoman. She is considered the richest Hispanic actress in the USA by the magazine People.

She started out as an actress and has 25 films. She has recorded 9 albums (50 million albums sold, 40 singles, 7 collaborations, 34 video clips… Many of her songs have been in the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100. She has been awarded with 2 Grammys and 2 Latin Grammys. 6 American Music Awards, 18 MTV Video Music Awards, 7 MTV Europe Music Awards… To say the least, but she has been very, very award-winning throughout her career!

The horoscope of Jennifer Lopez it's leo. Jennifer López was born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican family. She is the daughter of a teacher and a middle-class computer scientist. He has 2 sisters. From the age of 7 he was clear that he wanted to be an artist. When one takes a look at Jennifer's biography, one thing is clear, she is a woman with overwhelming strength and enormous capacity for work.

You have achieved success, but it is evident that it is through effort and hard work that you have achieved your goal. She is a star, she is generous, friendly, kind, very lively and always ready to help others.

Jennifer Lopez has all the characteristics of the Leos. She is sure of herself, launched and always convinced that everything will turn out well for her. That security has always made him get involved in several projects at the same time. He has a very clear vision of life. She has been combining cinema and song since the 90's. She is adventurous and tireless. It must be difficult to follow.

Leos are one of those signs, who need to do several things at the same time, to feel fulfilled and well. Leos are good entrepreneurs and Jennifer stands out there. She has created her own line of lingerie and clothing, of perfumes. He has his own Music Production Company. Together with Marc Anthony they created a TV show, to find and help new artists. Stay on the air. Jennifer is demanding of herself.

He does sports or dance daily, to always keep fit. His physique is imposing and fibrous, you can see the exercise he does. In fact, the magazine People named her The Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 2011. She is a feminine woman, no matter how she dresses. Its sensuality is revealed in any style of clothing. Her ass is considered the most beautiful in the world and is valued at a million by her Insurer. She is the envy of many women and the woman most desired by men.

Leos are usually independent, idealistic and very sincere. Let's say you don't feel like lying. Things are like that and you have to face them and assume them as they are. That is why they are not ambiguous. They are always face-to-face and straight to the point. Jennifer has been alone in life since she was very young. You know what you want and you are not afraid of anything. He does not mind asking for help when he needs it and has always done so. It is a pleasure for her to share her success and she has made several collaborations with Marc Anthony (they have always collaborated very closely), Enrique Iglesias,, Michael Jagger, Pitbull, Ll. Cool J., Santana, Wisin & Jandel, Flo Rida ...

His independence is reflected in his love life, as soon as the relationship does not work, he moves on to something else. She doesn't mind being alone. The important thing for her is to be happy and she will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Leos adore family, home, they are faithful to their partners (as long as love and fidelity lasts), they are affectionate, funny and very sincere. Their home is their sanctuary, they always manage to create an elegant, luxurious and cozy atmosphere at the same time. Leos love sparkles and if we take a look at Jennifer's outfits, they are full of paillettes and sparkles of all kinds.

Her love life has been as she is, very moved, passionate, impulsive. She has been married 3 times: Ojani Noa 1997-1998, Cris Judd 2001-2002, Marc Anthony 2004-2011, with whom she had her twins Max and Emme. They are very good friends with the latter. Besides, he had two very famous relationships. He spent 2 years with Hip Hop mogul Sean Combs and another 2 years with Ben affleck, to whom she was officially engaged and in the end the wedding was canceled. Since November 2011, she has been in a relationship with Casper Smart and she looks very happy. To know more about Leo see: Characteristics of Leo

Jennifer Lopez Compatibility with other signs: Jennifer Lopez as Leo is compatible with: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo with Leo is fantastic. On the other hand Jennifer López would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Capricorn, Pisces and regular for Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio. For more information see: Compatibility of the signs with Leo

Other details of interest about Jennifer López and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card of Jennifer Lopez would be THE FORCEThey are lucky, subtle, strong people and they get away with it. (See: Letter of the Force)
  • The number of Jennifer Lopez is he 2, from him comes his artistic genius and his humanitarian sense, sensitive, adaptable. (See: Meaning of number 2, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope of Jennifer Lopez is he ROOSTER She is self-confident, authoritarian, vain ... (See: Meaning of the Rooster of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color of Jennifer Lopez it's gold.
  • The element of Jennifer Lopez: it is Fire.
  • The planet of Jennifer Lopez is Sun.
  • The stone of Jennifer Lopez It is Ruby, Diamonds and Hyacinth.
  • The Twitter ofJennifer Lopez is: @ JLo

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