10 reasons to believe in aliens

10 reasons to believe in aliens

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1. They say that reality always surpasses fiction, and there is a lot of fiction about aliens.

3. It would be an absolute disappointment if the planet of Avatar did not exist, and that Neytiri, princess of the Omaticaya clan, did not act as a tourist guide.

4. Now you have to scare them at least with Allien.

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5. If we are alone in all the galaxies of the universe, we must think that we are the product of some error ...

6. Looking at the universe and not believing in aliens is incredibly self-centered.

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7. God made the earth in 7 days and at that rate the strip of planets with extraterrestrial life come out.

8. To believe extraterrestrials you have to listen to politicians for a few hours and then you say where did they come from?

9. You Google “aliens on earth” and there are over 3,160,000 results.

10. Didn't your hair stand on end in Encounters in the third phase when they played some notes?

11. It's great to think that superman, ET, transformers, could be somewhere far away in some even more distant galaxy.

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