What happens if you eat moldy food?

What happens if you eat moldy food?

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What can happen if you accidentally eat moldy food?

If you have a healthy immune system, chances are that nothing bad happens. Mold is a type of fungus, and the problem arises because some people may be allergic to the.

Although these allergies they are not usually seriousThere have been (very rare) cases where eating mold-infested food has been fatal.

In addition to the allergy problem, another problem of eating mold is the mycotoxins containing.

Mycotoxins are substances produced by some species of mold. They are toxic to humans and represent a serious health risk.

Normally, if you consume a little (once or twice), chances are nothing will happen. But in larger doses, or during longer periods of time, can become a health problem.

What to do with food when it has mold?

It depends of the kind.

Mold spreads more easily in soft foods, such as bread, cheese, meat or sauces. So in these cases, it is best dispose of them as soon as possible.

In harder foodsLike carrots, mold does not spread as easily, so mold is likely to appear in more specific areas and can be more easily detected. This allows you to remove these affected areas more easily, without having to discard the entire feed.

But the best thing is not to risk yourself.

But if you accidentally eat moldy food, don't panic. Most likely nothing will happen.

Be more careful next time to avoid it and thus reduce the possibility that you can get sick.

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