Hair Ring or like rings can be the perfect accessory for your hair

Hair Ring or like rings can be the perfect accessory for your hair

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ATTENTION: New trend in sight!

Called Hair Ring, it is about adapting hoop-shaped earrings, or small rings, into an accessory for your hair.

And is that its originality and freshness makes all (celebrities and other mortals) want to adapt this trend to our hairstyles.

And here we leave you 15 ideas in the form of images to inspire you:

Tousled bun and loose braid on the side

Small boxer braids

High bun and back braid

Instagram: Shay Mitchell

Loose hair with braid on the side

African braid

Semi-gathered with side braid

Tousled bun and braids and dreadlocks

Tousled hairstyle with small braids

Side braids forming a low collected

Low ponytail

Semi-gathered formed by braids

Small root braids, spirals and dreadlocks

Low bun

Whole braid around the head

Loose hair with braids on the head

Advice: There are two ways to attach the hair rings to your hair. The accessory can be put on the hairstyle gradually, while the style is being created, or the ring should have a small opening to be able to fit it between the strands. Make sure that the hair is completely dry so that when you attach the accessory, the highlights are not damaged.

Where you can find them: On websites like or, but surely you can adapt old rings or hoop earrings that you have at home.

Dare yourself!

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