The bird that imitates sounds

The bird that imitates sounds

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This bird is a great imitator, so much, that many doubt if it is real or not. It's called a lyre bird (Menura) and it has the ability to reproduce almost any sound you hear.Here are some curiosities about this incredible bird:

Curiosities about the lyre bird:

They live in eastern Australia, in humid forests

They are mainly terrestrial

They are famous because they can reproduce almost any natural or artificial sound: Photo cameras, baby cries, people talking, melodies, chainsaws, alarms, water, songs of other birds or species ... etc.

They can measure from 73 to 103 cm

Females are good mimics too, but males are better

They have long legs, short, rounded wings, and an extra long tail. and elegant

It is known as "The Imitation Bird"

It is a popular symbol of Australia and appears on the dimes

Lyrebird video:

This video was very viral although it is not entirely true. There are sounds that were modified as a parody, like the intro of the Seinfeld series or the opera song. However, it was believed to be real for a long time, as this bird is capable of imitating many sounds.

What do you think of this bird? Greetings friends of the birds! 😉

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