Right to use common elements

Right to use common elements

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QUESTION.- A neighbor of my community, who owns a flat and two parking spaces in the same building, has rented her flat.

In the last meeting of the parking owners, he was complained that he cannot use the front door of the street, or the elevator that leads to the parking lot, since he does not reside in the house.

Is there a law that denies entry to a landlord?

ANSWERS. The mere fact that a person does not reside in the house is not justifying cause for not being able to use the front door or the elevator, since no one can be prevented from using common services.

Notwithstanding the above, it is convenient to verify the possible existence of two different communities; that is, one for homes and another for garages in case in the standards of any of
them to establish any prohibition on the matter.

F. Brotons Baldó. Farm administrator

Topics: Right to use common elements by owners who have rented their homes.

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