Decoration and curtains

Decoration and curtains

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When it comes to hanging curtains there are infinite possibilities and you will choose the one that favors the expectations you have both about the fabric and about the space you have.

If you have large and tall windows, you can see long curtains that hang from bars with different finishes in oxide, black, patinated to match the colors of the walls or of the fabric itself, finishing it with clips and placing under them a piece of plastic that is sewn to the fabric so that they can be easily opened.

If the sun is continuously giving it, do not forget that you will have to cover them to prevent them from losing color.

Another way to dress your windows is to put a double bar from where the curtains themselves and some sheers hang, being able to finish them with a draped gallery and ending it with different shapes, as in the photograph in soft waves.

A stuccoed work curtain to match the wall will help you hide the anchors of the curtains themselves.

The own finishes of the plasterboards separated from the windows can perfectly serve as an ornament to the curtain itself and depending on your taste, choose them plain or with geometric or floral designs.

The belt loops can be made of knots and even ties if you fancy something more informal on a wooden or iron bar.

Tip: If you have little space in a bedroom, you can use a bar as a headboard and two upholstered pads attached to it by loops to match the curtains, cheap and does not take up space.

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