Tell me which shoe you like and I'll guess what SIGN you are

Tell me which shoe you like and I'll guess what SIGN you are

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The shoe is something very personal and that identifies us. Anyway, By the footwear that a woman wears, one can easily deduce what her horoscope or zodiac sign is.

Tell me which shoe you like and I'll guess what sign you are

If we focus on women, we could say a lot of details about their personality, since a woman can be well dressed, but if she does not wear well, the image she gives is not the same. The spine and the body take a different shape with or without heels.In addition, one is not the same with one shoe as with the other: some print elegance, others firmness and security, others simply comfort, they show how practical and not very feminine it is ... Girlish ... Sexy ...

What would be the shoe of an Aries?

The Aries woman consider that a good shoe or sandal is the best visiting card. A sober elegance would be its definition. He will always wear the right shoe for every occasion. It is rather classic, but she likes everything: high-heeled pumps, high-heeled shoes, sandals, loafers, Mary Janes ... She will go shopping with flat shoes or loafers, to work with good pumps, an 11 ctm high-heeled shoe. to go out to dinner never fails ... In summer a 5 ctm high heel sandals. it's the right thing to do… The bag and the shoe have to match…

What would be the shoe of a Taurus?

The Taurus woman is comfortable and wears loafers a lot. He loves loafers! And she wears them daily, but if she has to wear heels she does it without problem. She'll be wearing classic, plain pumps with a 7 ctm heel. no more. It is classic wearing and with shoes. He does not wear sandals, because he does not like to show his toes, he prefers the closed shoe. He also likes moccasin-type heels. You will never wear ankle-tie sandals or fancy colored shoes. You will not spend too expensive shoes. Skin yes, but without exaggeration.

What would a Gemini shoe be?

The Gemini woman it's very practical. It almost always goes flat. She loves Mary Janes, girl sandals, moccasins. As she always runs, she needs to be very comfortable and flat in order to be herself. You will only see her with heels, to attend special events where the use of heels is required: a wedding, an elegant dinner ... You will not see her with sneakers at work or on the street, that leaves her to play sports. He loves nice sandals, but without heels. The day that due to the demands of her social life, she climbs on some heels, she will wear about 6 or 7 ctm. no more.

What would be the shoe of a Cancer?

Cancer woman he likes heels. He does not like to go flat, if he ever wears flat shoes or loafers, it is because he knows that he is going to walk a lot, but he prefers heights. It could take anything from 6 to 11 ctm shoes. He loves classic pumps, but always a very classic shoe. He does not like the extravagant shoe or tied to the ankle. Even boots and jackets will have to wear heels. When I say jacket, I mean a jacket version of dress. She does not like the field or lying on the ground and you will never see her wearing sneakers, unless she is doing sports.

What would be the shoe of a Leo?

Before dead than simple. So is the leo womanwill always carry sexy or elegant heelsIt will depend on the occasion. Even cowboy boots will have heels and will be sexy. He does not conceive of a flat or rough shoe. And if one day you buy some thinking about comfort, there they will remain in a corner without using them, because as you put them on, you will take them off and end up giving them to someone. She likes to walk on heels, feel elegant, sexy, she knows she is seductive and walks confident and feminine with them. You feel more beautiful. She loves the ankle strap sandals, the straps, the 11 ctm heel. the extravagant, the daring, dares everything.

Leo loves extreme sandals

What would be the shoe of a Virgo?

A Virgo woman it's more practical how sexy. It will always be correct, but comfort will prevail. He goes a lot with moccasins or to work, he will go in a suit jacket and classic 5 ctm pumps. You will never see her with extravagant shoes or sandals or tied at the ankle. It doesn't go with them. You will never see her with flashy shoes or sandals or on pallets, that would not be elegant for her. Discretion is your trademark. You can often see her in jeans and sneakers, but at home or for excursions.

What would be the shoe of a Libra?

The Libra woman loves shoes and sandals and huge sums of money will be spent on elegant and sexy shoes and sandals from the most expensive brands on the market. He dares with the most extravagant shoes in the world, higher, more original, but yes, that they are elegant. You need heels to feel more feminine. For her they are the complement nº1. You will never see her wearing a tracksuit and sneakers on the street or with Mary Janes or loafers, except for special occasions.

To Libra

Libra likes high heels and elegant

What would be the shoe of a Scorpio?

The Scorpio woman is like the fatal woman. He likes to go sexy in clothes and shoes. She does not like curly ones, she goes beyond the comforts, because what she wants is a high heel that makes her wiggle insinuatingly. You will spend the money you need to buy some Leboutin or some Manolo blanik. You will think it is the best-spent money in the world, because shoes are “your” favorite fetish object. Sex and heels go hand in hand. You will never see her on the street in fabric and with slippers. That leaves him for the gym, which he goes to every day.

What would be the shoe of a Sagittarius?

The Sagittarius woman is an all-rounder. He usually always wears flat shoes or flat sandals or sneakers or loafers. For some night or wedding, she will wear some heels, but will keep the spare ones in the trunk of the car. It is very practical and comfortable. She doesn't care about footwear. You can safely go shopping with sneakers, you don't care.

What would be the shoe of a Capricorn?

The Capricorn woman it is elegant and sober. No shoes or sandals held at the ankle. She likes saloons, classic sandals and earth colors, blacks, browns ... She likes all sizes of heels, except for flat shoes. She, who has everything so analyzed, knows very well that her leg and her gait are not as beautiful.

What would be the shoe of an Aquarius?

The Aquarius woman is comfortable. She will go flat or with shoes or ankle boots with a 5 ctm heel. taller usually does not wear them. If you need to wear shoes for a special occasion, you will put them on, but take them off as quickly as possible. It is also sober, so it will use earth colors or black. Another type does not enter his plans.

What would a Pisces shoe be?

The Pisces woman is always very comfortable of feet: flat shoes or sandals, Mary Janes, moccasins, sneakers… He doesn't care. You can see her on the street with sneakers and tracksuit or sexy and heels, on some special occasion, but it is not normal. She will put it on because of the morbid heel, but not because she is comfortable with it. Another day you will see her wearing a little girl's dress and shoes.

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