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Photo organizing software

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2004 was a tumultuous period for the digital camera industry. Kodak stopped making conventional cameras, digital cameras displaced DVDs as gifts ...

And 2005, according to an interesting article in The New York Times, will be the year of software to organize the photos that many owners of digital cameras have taken.

iPhoto 5 and Picasa 2

As soon as the year began, two companies released new versions of the most popular programs for managing and organizing photos (iPhoto 5 for Macintosh came from Apple and Picasa 2 came from Google). Both programs are very similar in design, features and efforts to simplify their handling by users.

Unlike i Photo 5, Google's proposal, Picasa 2, is free software. It can be easily downloaded from

The truth is that they are very attractive, elegant, visual programs that can be used almost effortlessly. Your photos appear on easily manageable and highly manageable slides. By double clicking, they allow you to edit the photo offering you new features to obtain and improve new results from your work as a photographer.

Picasa 2: 250,000 photos

Picasa version two tools are much more powerful, resourceful, and easier to use. For example, among the buttons with the usual options of contrast, color, brightness ... there is a button "I'm Feeling Lucky" ("I feel happy" from the Google search engine) with a clear meaning for non-experts in photography: "I don't the parameters he proposes matter to me, I just want the photo to be better ”. If you choose to make changes, it is almost magical, since it animates the edition from the before and after ...

This software will provide you with numerous additional tools to enhance your photos. From the conventional ones (rotation, correction of defects…) to other more sophisticated ones. Another advantage is its easy integration with Blogger and Hello (share photos). Picasa also allows you to order paper copies of your photos in the United States from certain companies of your choice (Kodak, Wal-Mart).

Picasa, despite its simplicity, has the capacity to manage 250,000 photos quickly and agilely. Plus, it finds them in the folders they are in (some you've probably even forgotten you have them in) rather than creating your own database (like iPhoto does).

Photoshop Elements

Picasa 2 and iPhoto 5 do not compete with each other since they each require a different operating system. It is not the same situation - adds NYT - for Adobe, whose Photoshop Elements 3.0 (for Mac and Windows) came out a few months ago on the market. Although much more complete and powerful in its features, its online cost is $ 85.

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