12 Very Original Unisex Gift Ideas

12 Very Original Unisex Gift Ideas

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Tired of giving away perfumes, scarves, gloves and socks? Say Enough! Here we bring 12 different gifts to give away at any time of the year: Christmas, Invisible Friend, Valentine's Day, Birthday ... Surprise with your original and useful gifts!

1. Mini fridge / refrigerator for soft drinks by USB:

No more hot drinks from leaving them out of the fridge for a while

2. Ceramic soup and biscuit bowl (or other uses):

Also valid for dipping nachos with sauces, nuts, chips… .etc.!

3. Toothbrush organizer closed and elegant:

No more showing toothbrushes as soon as you enter the bathroom

4. Tea cup-strainer or infusions:

For the best infusions in a quick and easy way

5. Grill-barbecue terrace or balcony:

Is there not a field to do it? No problem!

6. Floating shelf or invisible:

The coolest, no visible shelves!

7. Money chocolates:

Oh no! Chocolates again? No way! A totally original way to give money 😉

8. Transparent weight for books:

In case the wind book closes or you get tired of holding it, perfect!

9. Turntable for car:

Incredible invention for those fans of eating in the car

10. Bookmarks with texts:

Very original and useful! Any fan of reading will love it

11. Magic soap, remove any strange smell:

Made of stainless steel, this soap is famous for eliminating any odor, such as onion, shrimp ...

12. Indestructible socks Socrates:

If in the end you decide to give away socks, at least they are these ... They will never get those holes that we call potatoes or tomatoes!


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