Golf Dictionary, Letter P-Q: PGA

Golf Dictionary, Letter P-Q: PGA

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The PGA are the acronym for Association of Golf Professionals of Spain.

The PGA has the functions to: represent, promote and develop the interests of Professional Golf as a branch of activity, the supervision of the technical level of its associates and the attention and defense of their professional and sporting interests.

The PGA was founded and constituted on April 19, 1971, with the name of Association of Non-amateur Golf Teachers and Players of Spain. Its constitution was voted in the Boardroom of the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports, in Madrid (INEF). Its promoter was Juan Antonio Andréu, President of theRoyal Federation Spanish Golf, with the support and legal advice of the Vice President Juan Castresana. In 1988 it changed its name to Association of Golf Professionals of Spain.

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