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Only those who suffer from insomnia night after night know how exasperating it can be to want to sleep and not be able to. You go into an irritable state, the next day you feel like you have a hangover, you do not feel lucid and you do not perform at work.

Senior managers, mothers subjected to the routine of the home, workers subjected to stress at work, politicians in elections, students before exams ... periodically, temporarily or permanently, the truth is that we are all affected by sleep disorders . Euroresidentes has put together some of the best existing materials in English in Spanish that may be useful to you.

Causes of insomnia

The most common factors are analyzed: alcohol, nightmares, depression, family reasons, conditions and diseases, changes in sleeping habits, medicines, substances, stress, noise ...

What causes insomnia?

Cure insomnia

There are different remedies to relieve insomnia from natural medicine, homeopathy, traditional medicines, analgesics ... Here we try to clarify some natural remedies to avoid having to go to pharmacology. However, if your problem is serious and negatively affects your daily life, it is best to see a homeopathic doctor or your regular doctor to achieve a quick and lasting cure to your problem.

Insomnia remedies:

Have a relaxing drink
Eat something light before going to bed
Avoid certain substances
Prepare your bedroom
Use a good bed
Keep a set time to go to sleep
Sleep on your back
If you can't sleep, do something
Get up early in the morning
Only use your bed to sleep
Visualization (sheep, situations ...)
Relaxation techniques
Physical exercise during the day

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